Thank You Offers

Thank You Offers

thank you offers

Online marketing is all about visibility. Most of the time, ads appear on highly trafficked pages where they will reach the largest audience. But random impressions without conversions don't pay the bills.

AdMedia's ThankYouOffer platform places your creatives in front of users that actually want to see your message.

What are ThankYouOffers?

Publishers often sell products and services just like you; they get involved in an affiliate marketing program as a way of supplementing their main source of income. After a customer completes a transaction, Publishers usually send them to a special page as a way of expressing gratitude. That's where you come in. AdMedia's ThankYouOffers enable these pages with the ability to show highly targeted ads that will appeal to the buyer's already known interests. Our Publisher network consists of thousands of popular sites, which means we'll be able to run your promotions on multiple domains simultaneously.

Why Thank You Pages?

Thank You Pages are an ideal environment for your ads because there are no other distractions to detract from your message. Besides, the consumers who end up on thank you pages have already purchased something, making them pre-qualified users! That means you're striking while the iron's hot, when they're still in buying mode. In this way, the Publisher's sale acts as a kind of traffic filtration device to weed out the window shoppers. We operate under the familiar PPC model and our campaign tracking database gives you performance statistics in real time.

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