Some users complain about the in your face nature of banner ads. In-text ads are a subtle solution to getting your message across without bothering sensitive users.

What is In-text Advertising?

In-text advertising is a relatively new marketing medium that utilizes existing content on a Publisher's page(s). Basically, Intextual inserts suitable ads into double hyperlinked keywords within a website's copy. When users hover over these clearly identifiable terms, your ads appear in front of them. The ads disappear within a few seconds unless the user interacts with the widgets.

AdMedia's Intextual product brings you quality traffic from thousands of the most visited sites on the web. Our effortless optimization methods find the right keywords, articles, and pages for you. When people see your ads on their favorite sites, your brand gets an instant boost in the credibility department.

The Intextual Model

The Intextual network concentrates on increasing your conversion rate, not wasting your adspend. Intextual advertisers pay for valid clicks as opposed to mere impressions. The tracking database makes it easy to monitor important account information in real time. One thing's for sure, click fraud will never present a problem because of AdMedia's advanced detection services. filters out unwanted scammers and spammers before they break your budget.

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