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Thank You Email

thank you email

Although email marketing is nothing new, AdMedia's ThankYouEmail product takes this familiar model to a whole new level. Our innovations correct many common issues, such as low quality traffic and a negative ROI.

The ThankYouEmails Solution

AdMedia's ThankYouEmails solution deserves recognition for fixing long-standing problems with previous versions. Our framework uses the tried and true PPC platform, but adds an extra traffic filter for quality assurance purposes. Instead of being charged for the initial click inside of a Publisher's email, we'll give you the first impression for free! Since the initial click doesn't usually convert, we see no reason to charge you for dead traffic.

After the first click, the customer lands on a page that contains 5 intriguing sponsored ads. At that point, many users will navigate away from the page. The ones who stay and engage with your offers are your true target market. You'll only pay for the second response because that's the one that brings in conversions.

Supplementary Network Perks

In addition to the above benefits, AdMedia Advertisers appreciate the opportunity to utilize a permission based marketing platform. Everyone on our Publisher email lists have opted-in, which means they agreed to receive promotional materials in their inboxes. But that's not all we know about them. Our behavioral targeting tools yield useful demographic data, such as a user's age or geographic location. This information helps us optimize your ads and deliver them to the people who will be the most receptive to your message.

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