Opting out from targeted advertising

AdMedia's goal is to provide Internet users with the most relevant advertising possible. To do this, we collect and analyze anonymous, non-personably-identifiable information to display ads on web sites that are part of the AdMedia network. This information is stored in a cookie: a bit of text that is saved locally to your computer by your browser.  Admedia's information usage practices are based on two beliefs: first, that protecting user privacy is essential to the growth and prosperity of the Internet; second, that a personalized web experience can provide significant benefits to Internet end users if done properly. In accordance with these beliefs, AdMedia creates results for advertisers and publishers in revolutionary ways without compromising individual privacy.  To view our privacy policy, please click here

AdMedia is committed to providing users with choice and control when it comes to receiving targeted online advertising. You may choose to opt-out from receiving targeted advertising from AdMedia using the link below. We will replace any targeting information stored in the AdMedia cookie with an "opt-out" cookie, and ads you receive from us will not be targeted based on any non-personably-identifiable behavior or profile information we may have associated with your browser.

To receive the AdMedia opt-out cookie, click here.

No Cookie
You have not opted out and you have no cookie from this network

Note that if you change or delete the AdMedia opt-out cookie, change browsers, or get a new computer, you may need to opt out again.

After opting-out, please keep in mind that you may still receive ads from Admedia and that we will still use information stored in cookies to help deliver those ads. However, once you've opted-out, ads can only be targeted to your browser based on the anonymous information automatically transmitted by Internet and ad serving protocols, such as location derived from your IP address or the web site you are visiting.