7forallmankind has had rather good success with their apparel, but they wanted a way to reach a targeted demographic in certain areas. We set them up with display ads that were relevant to sites within the age range demographic and geo-tagged based on location.

Campaign Objectives

  • Target specific location and relevant sites to attract a certain demographic.
  • Increase popularity in the brand name.
  • Increase overall revenue of their apparel.

Key Highlights

  • Geo-targeted specific areas in which sales went up 45%.
  • Banner ads were designed in multiple styles and sizes to attract multiple users.
  • Ads used advanced algorithm to be displayed on sites relevant to the product.


Cost-per-click: $2.55
Impressions: 10,300,000
Clicks: 41,200
Lift in awareness: 56%
Conversion rate: 2.5%
Savings from other ad networks: 42%

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