Client wanted to encourage users to purchase wine from its website, by promoting heavy discounts on shipping and other products. To get the word out, AdMedia ran search, display, video, and remarketing ads across various parts of the web.

Campaign Objectives

  • To boost sales
  • To bring back users who abandoned their carts
  • To make users aware of discounts and promotions

Key Highlights

  • Ran remarketing ads to target users who left without completing a purchase
  • Launched paid search ads geared towards people who are looking to buy wine online
  • Displayed preroll ads on lifestyle videos
  • Served up display ads on various sites in the lifestyle and food categories


Cost-per-click: $1.50
Impressions: 1,080,000
Clicks: 10,350
Lift in awareness: 47%
Conversion rate: 0.89%
Savings from other ad networks: 30%

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