Fujitsu America, Inc.

Fujitsu America, Inc.


Fujitsu wanted to re-affirm its image as the leading and most established provider of computer products in the United States. It aimed to get in front of company decision makers and make them aware of its many superior products. To accomplish this, AdMedia ran massive search and display advertising campaigns that targeted business owners and executives.

Campaign Objectives

  • To increase brand awareness among people in the business world
  • To drive more US traffic to the Fujitsu website
  • Get in front of people who need technology solutions for their business

Key Highlights

  • Ran web-based and mobile-friendly display ads on professional websites and high-level tech blogs
  • Launched a paid search campaign geared towards users who are looking for technology products and services for their business
  • Served up display ads on relevant publisher sites, as well as on our owned and operated properties


Cost-per-click: $0.98
Impressions: 800,750,000
Clicks: 7,900
Lift in awareness: 57%
Conversion rate: 0.86%
Savings from other ad networks: 35%

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