An online store specializing in customized products, wanted to boost sales and position itself as the go-to source for personalized gifts. It was able to accomplish this by running search and remarketing campaigns on targeted users.

Campaign Objectives

  • Get in front of users searching for personalized products
  • Convert users who have already expressed interest in
  • Capitalize on the holiday rush and be seen as the leading source of customized items

Key Highlights

  • AdMedia ran search campaigns geared towards users looking to personalize their gifts
  • Served up's sponsored search results on a variety of search engines and websites
  • Deployed remarketing campaigns for shoppers who visited without completing a purchase


Cost-per-click: $1.50
Impressions: 1,500,000
Clicks: 11,275
Lift in awareness: 47%
Conversion rate: 0.89%

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