Yoox is a stylish brand that focuses on apparel, jewelry, shoes and other gifts. They wanted to increase conversion rates by bringing customers that leave their site back by showing ads of the products they were interested in. So we got them all set up with a remarketing campaign to help retrieve lost customers and increase their conversion rates.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase conversion rates by bringing back lost customers.
  • Increase brand recognition and trust by displaying ads on popular sites.
  • Add additional support to the marketing campaign in order to increase revenue.

Key Highlights

  • Reached across to 98% of the web.
  • Increase in conversion rates within weeks of setting up campaign.
  • Expand client list by 20%.


Cost-per-click: $2.95
Impressions: 9,750,000
Clicks: 38,300
Lift in awareness: 51%
Conversion rate: 2.8%
Savings from other ad networks: 55%

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