When it comes to books, Alibris has everything you need, but not everybody recognizes this so they needed a way to get their name out more. We decided it was best to run an intextual ad campaign that would target relevant keywords across the web to promote Alibris' website.

Campaign Objectives

  • Target relevant keywords to place ads on.
  • Increase brand recognition by appearing on popular websites.
  • Improve Alibris' rankings among other competitors in their niche.

Key Highlights

  • Reach out to 98% of the web.
  • Tagged relevant keywords successfully that can be rolled over to display Alibris' ads.
  • Appear on some of the most popular sites, increasing brand recognition and trust.


Cost-per-click: $2.73
Impressions: 7,000,000
Clicks: 32,000
Lift in awareness: 41%
Conversion rate: 2.0%
Savings from other ad networks: 51%

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