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PC Rush


PC Rush is an online computer retailer providing products to businesses and consumers. Over 300,000 products are sold from manufacturers like HP, Cisco, Lenovo, Canon, Microsoft and more. They maintain a 5-star customer service rating and are perennially ranked as a "Top 30 Internet retailer". The company provides delivery and bilingual customer service to the United States and Latin America.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase traffic by over 50% to Latin American countries and Spanish-speaking American customers.
  • Manage and budget bidding on brand-specific and product-specific keywords and phrases.
  • Create creative search ads that will reach targeted corporate and consumers.
  • Create distinctive and bi-lingual ads that will assist Spanish-speaking customers to site and customer service.

Key Highlights

  • Increased international traffic by over 90% due to targeted Latin America.
  • New search engine marketing campaigns increased traffic to product pages.
  • A second set of search engine ads targeted keywords and phrases in the Spanish language.
  • Attained equal to superior rankings and authorship over more recognized department stores.


Unique Visitors: 70% increase
Total Visits: 73% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor: 80% decrease
Cost per Visit: 75% decrease
International Visitors: 97% increase

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