CheapOAir is entrenched in an industry that has many top competitors, so they wanted some help standing out. They decided to run an Overlay Ad campaign that placed their ads over images once those images were rolled over with the mouse.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase brand recognition to improve status within their niche.
  • Bring in more clicks and views.
  • Target audience on relevant sites; target already interested parties.

Key Highlights

  • Overlay ads displayed on relevant images across the web.
  • Views and clicks increased significantly in a short period of time.
  • Rate of conversion to those who used CheapOAir increased.


Cost-per-click: $2.65
Impressions: 7,725,000
Clicks: 35,000
Lift in awareness: 45%
Conversion rate: 2.4%
Savings from other ad networks: 51%

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