Perfect Match

Perfect Match


Perfect Match is an online dating site that claims "it is the best approach for adults seeking successful, lasting relationships." The patented "Duet Total Compatibility System" bases its matches on psychological profiles and personalities modeled after the Myers-Briggs test. The company earns its revenue through the subscription model and selling ad space.

Campaign Objectives

  • Reach specific demographics with various ad messages and landing pages.
  • Set apart their services and brand from competition like and E-Harmony.
  • Save money and have a better strategy with paid search on all major search engines.

Key Highlights

  • New ad campaigns were set up directing traffic to demographic-specific landing pages.
  • The "Duet Total Compatibility System" became a branding advantage for the company.
  • A new paid search campaign was initiated, going after long-tail keywords and phrases.
  • Affiliate signup tripled which brought in an extreme spike upwards of sales.


Unique Visitors: 54% increase
Total Visits: 75% increase
Affiliate Signups: 300% increase
Affiliate Traffic: 95% decrease
Keyword-specific traffic: 90% increase
New traffic sources: 86% increase

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