Avon aimed to recruit more salespeople to help distribute its products. To accomplish this, AdMedia ran a cross-channel advertising campaign that targeted career-oriented women who were looking for job opportunities in sales.

Campaign Objectives

  • To recruit more Avon salespeople
  • To position Avon as a wonderful company to work for
  • To show up on relevant properties and get in front of career-oriented women

Key Highlights

  • AdMedia ran a paid search campaign geared towards keywords relevant to job hunting, career opportunities, and sales
  • Display ads were deployed on sites that targeted professional women and entrepreneurs
  • Remarketing ads were also deployed to bring back users who previously visited the Avon website


Cost-per-click: $1.75
Impressions: 3,210,000
Clicks: 46,000
Lift in awareness: 60%
Conversion rate: 1.8%
Savings from other ad networks: 29%

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