Dr. Scholl's

Dr. Scholl's


Dr. Scholl's needed to get more interest for its blister treatment products, particularly for female athletes. AdMedia delivered on that need with a campaign to extend Dr. Scholl's outreach to a younger audience with sponsored search results and eye-catching graphics.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase sales of blister treatment and "For Her" products
  • Expand audience of younger athletes and women ages 18 to 30
  • Increase Web reach with colorful, dynamic ads

Key Highlights

  • Remarketing extended products' outreach by 90%
  • Sponsored search listings brought in relevant audiences
  • Dynamic and interactive banner ads were on display through sporting goods retailers and fitness advice blogs


Unique Visitors: 67% increase
Total Visits: 98% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor: 41% decrease
Cost per Visit: 72% decrease
Maintained Audience Engagement: 2.1+ PVs/visit
Click-Through Rate: 0.99%

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