Kindercare Learning Center

Kindercare Learning Center


Kindercare Learning Center wanted to promote their $14 public offer and get more customers, so they needed targeted banner ads that will grab attention.

Campaign Objectives

  • Provide multiple banner styles and sizes to promote the offer.
  • Build trust and familiarity with the brand.
  • Highlight the offer and the factors that make Kindercare special.

Key Highlights

  • Set Kindercare apart from other competitors in the industry.
  • Increased recognition and clients within a few short weeks.
  • Improved targeting to locations in which Kindercare served.
  • Highlight of the offer provided more interest and, in turn, more kids.


Views: 56% increase
Impressions: 9,900,000
Conversion rates: 2.4% increase
Costs saved: 43%

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