WhiteFence (A Division of Allconnect, Inc.)

WhiteFence (A Division of Allconnect, Inc.)


After its acquisition by Allconnect, Inc., WhiteFence wanted to continue to promote its online marketplace for home services despite the change in management. AdMedia helped them regain lost customers through an extensive remarketing campaign.

Campaign Objectives

  • Bring back lost customers
  • Promote the WhiteFence brand as "partnered with" Allconnect

Key Highlights

  • Remarketing delivered a variety of displays ads across multiple channels
  • Targeted old customers with dynamic banner ads and preroll videos


Unique Visitors: 44% increase
Total Visits: 76% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor: 32% decrease
Cost per Visit: 78% decrease
Maintained Audience Engagement: 3.4+ PVs/visit
Click-Through Rate: 1.6%

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