Ring Central

Ring Central


Ring Central delivers cloud business communication solutions that enable people to work the way they want in today's mobile-centric world. Built on a strong infrastructure, Ring Central's cloud communications solutions help more than 300,000 customers. The company provides communications services and mobile apps to both the consumer and the corporate client.

Campaign Objectives

  • Dominate the corporate mobile, text and video conferencing marketing sector.
  • Distribute marketing budget appropriately to the business departments that needed it.
  • Promote their mobile app on all devices for downloads on iOS, Android and Blackberry.
  • Promote their retail site that sold phone peripherals and accessories.

Key Highlights

  • Mobile App campaigns involved high-converting landing pages for mobile, desktop and email.
  • Lesser known services of the company were put to the forefront through strategic ad and media buys.
  • Traffic to the retail store increased through thorough paid search marketing and front-end optimization.
  • Overall marketing budget, ad buys and keyword bidding budget lowered dramatically.


Unique Visitors: 70% increase
Total Visits: 78% increase
Retail Site Traffic: 55% increase
PPC Costs: 74% decrease
Keyword-specific traffic: 65% increase
Mobile Traffic Sources: 66% increase

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