Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc

Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc


With the holidays just around the corner, Dollar Rent-a-Car was getting ready to capitalize on the high demand for rental cars and family travel plans. Harnessing the power of social media, Dollar Rent-a-Car hoped to attract new fans to its Facebook and Twitter pages, where it could showcase its fan-exclusive holiday discounts and promotions.

Campaign Objectives

  • Expand subscriptions to Facebook and Twitter pages for holiday deals and promotions
  • Meet goal of 100K new impressions on the company website
  • Increase reach across multiple channels

Key Highlights

  • Paid search ads for users looking for car rental agencies, holiday travel plans, and holiday discounts
  • Cross-Channel Marketing: Promoted links to social media promotions through paid ads on search engines, publisher sites, email marketing, and video
  • Initial audiences were very receptive to Facebook promotions and shared link to the company page with friends


Unique Visitors: 66% increase
Total Visits: 90% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor: 25% decrease
Cost per Visit: 59% decrease
Maintained Audience Engagement: 4.0+ PVs/visit
Click-Through Rate: 1.7%

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