AT&T is a leader in coverage for mobile phones, cable television and internet. They just wanted a campaign to display their video ads and continue their hold at the top of their industry, so we set them up with a PreRoll Video Ad campaign that was sure to capture attention.

Campaign Objectives

  • Display video ads before other relevant videos.
  • Increase brand recognition through attention grabbing videos.
  • Emphasize the factors that AT&T wants in order to keep them on top of their industry.

Key Highlights

  • Video ads played seamlessly prior to relevant videos across the internet.
  • Immediate increase in numbers.
  • Customer list significantly grew with new customers converting.


Cost-per-click: $2.90
Impressions: 13,000,000
Clicks: 46,000
Lift in awareness: 59%
Conversion rate: 3.1%
Savings from other ad networks: 41%

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