Paul Fredrick MenStyle

Paul Fredrick MenStyle


Paul Fredrick wanted to get the word out about its big holiday sale. To help the company accomplish this, AdMedia ran various display ads on menswear sites. In addition, search ads targeting users looking for holiday presents for men were also deployed.

Campaign Objectives

  • Promote holiday sales
  • Establish Paul Fredrick as the go-to brand for menswear
  • Get in front of users looking to buy presents for men

Key Highlights

  • Paul Fredrick's campaigns were huge successes, thanks to the steady lift in traffic brought about by search ads
  • Display ads increased brand awareness and got people taking about the company
  • Large amounts of coupons were redeemed, allowing Paul Fredrick to increase overall sales


Cost-per-click: $1.20
Impressions: 7,000,000
Clicks: 15,000
Lift in awareness: 50%
Savings from other ad networks: 30%

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