Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble


One of the top bookstores, Barnes & Noble is home to a plethora of books of all kinds. They just wanted a little extra push in their marketing efforts so they opted for a remarketing campaign that would bring lost visitors back to their site.

Campaign Objectives

  • Bring lost visitors back to their site by displaying ads on popular sites around the web.
  • Increase conversion rates.
  • Keep the company at the top of their industry.

Key Highlights

  • Reached out to 98% of the web with ad banners.
  • Conversion rates saw an increase within the first week.
  • Banner ads placed emphasis on top sellers, helping guide interested parties.


Cost-per-click: $2.80
Impressions: 10,875,000
Clicks: 41,000
Lift in awareness: 40%
Conversion rate: 2.8%
Savings from other ad networks: 47%

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