Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct


Tiger Direct has adjusted from their time as CompUSA and wanted to gain extra exposure. Since they have a lot of tech stuff, it was only appropriate that we implemented a mobile ad campaign so they could reach out to users on the go.

Campaign Objectives

  • Create non-obtrusive ads for mobile users.
  • Utilize both mobile browsers and mobile apps to display ads.
  • Increase brand recognition in the tech industry.

Key Highlights

  • Reached 98% of the web, even on the go.
  • Utilized the use of apps and mobile browsers to access users on mobile devices.
  • Targeted specific audience to increase rate of conversions.


Cost-per-click: $2.70
Impressions: 9,762,000
Clicks: 39,900
Lift in awareness: 54%
Conversion rate: 2.6%
Savings from other ad networks: 42%

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