In order to increase the interest on their checking solutions, enlisted the use of multiple ad platforms including banner & text, and email. The plan was to bring their checking solutions to the forefront and earn recognition in the particular niche.

Campaign Objectives

  • Build brand recognition and promote checking solutions.
  • Create a strong client list to build on to what is already there.
  • Turn interested users into customers through multiple ad platforms.

Key Highlights

  • Distributed ads through banners, text and email, successfully promoting the product.
  • Built trust with the brand, encouraging more users to become clients.
  • Conversion rate increases; in turn revenue increases.


Cost-per-click: $2.90
Impressions: 11,700,000
Clicks: 41,200
Lift in awareness: 49%
Conversion rate: 2.4%
Savings from other ad networks: 47%

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