GameStop, Inc.

GameStop, Inc.


GameStop aimed to engage gamers and spread the message that users can pre-order and buy video games, consoles, and accessories from the retailer. To accomplish this, GameStop deployed a search advertising campaign directed towards gamers between 27 to 35 years old.

Campaign Objectives

  • Reach more gamers and entice them through targeted offers
  • Spread the word about GameStop's wide selection of video game titles, consoles, and accessories
  • Drive traffic to GameStop's website by targeting users who searched for gaming products and offers

Key Highlights

  • AdMedia ran a targeted search campaign geared towards various game-related keywords
  • GameStop's sponsored results also showed up on gaming-related websites on AdMedia's network
  • The campaign was deployed on AdMedia's owned and operated sites to further drive traffic to GameStop's website


Cost-per-click: $0.75
Impressions: 4,000,000
Clicks: 19,000
Lift in awareness: 19%
Conversion rate: 1.09%

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