Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo


Blue Buffalo pet food is made from all-natural ingredients. Blue Buffalo wanted to create an ad campaign that prioritized the company's objective to feed pets with only the healthiest ingredients to differentiate its product from the many other pet food brands available on the market.

Campaign Objectives

  • Maximize brand reach through multiple advertising techniques, including display, search, and banner ads
  • Promote the brand across multiple platforms
  • Target customers with a specific interest in natural pet food

Key Highlights

  • Drove targeted users to the company website
  • Increased customer conversion rates
  • Built trust in the quality of the brand to increase repeat customers


Cost-per-click: $3.41
Impressions: 10,000,000
Clicks: 76.3k
Lift in awareness: 21%
Conversion rate: 7.3%
Savings from other ad networks: 19%

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