Sephora is a popular chain of cosmetics and skin care stores that operates over 1,700 stores in 30 countries worldwide. Their online store is the most prominent beauty site on the Internet and leads all other beauty sites in sales and selection of products and brands. The client loyalty program thanks and awards clients by inviting them to exclusive store events and offering them special promotions and discounts.

Campaign Objectives

  • Create search engine marketing campaigns for all retail brands sold by the company.
  • Promote the client loyalty program to increase membership on their mailing list.
  • Increase the number of downloads to the Sephora and Beauty Insider apps.
  • Push traffic via media and ad buys to store exclusive brands and designers.

Key Highlights

  • Steady increase of store accounts and mailing list members.
  • In-house brands and promotions received a boost in traffic due to strategic ad buys.
  • Paid search campaigns covered every service of the company as well as leading brands.


Unique Visitors: 45% increase
Total Visits: 40% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor: 32% decrease
Cost per Visit: 31% decrease
International Visitors: 75% increase
Search engine rankings: Top 3 results

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