Sharper Image

Sharper Image


Sharper Image sells a variety of consumer electronics and gift products, ranging from gadgets and toys, to furniture and appliances. Given its wide range of products, the brand wanted to increase its appeal in various markets. To accomplish this, AdMedia launched several campaigns geared towards multiple customer segments.

Campaign Objectives

  • To boost brand awareness across diverse groups of customers
  • To position the brand as a leading ecommerce site for holiday presents
  • To showcase the site's wide selection of electronics and gift items

Key Highlights

  • Deployed multiple paid search ads targeting keywords in a variety of categories
  • Different sets of display ads were served up on tech blogs, mom blogs, news sites, consumer forums and more
  • The brand increased traffic and conversions thanks to the campaigns


Cost-per-click: $0.75
Impressions: 1,220,000
Clicks: 17,090
Lift in awareness: 35%
Conversion rate: 0.99%
Savings from other ad networks: 40%

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