Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley


Nikki Haley, a prominent political figure, embarked on a presidential campaign with the aspiration to lead the nation. To bolster her candidacy, AdMedia, a leading political ad platform, was engaged to drive fundraising efforts and engage potential donors.

Campaign Objectives

  • Maximize the conversion rate of clicks to actual donations.
  • Ensuring a robust financial foundation for Nikki Haley's presidential race.

Key Highlights

  • AdMedia's political ad platform facilitated a seamless omni-channel experience, contributing to a robust engagement with the target audience.
  • The 2% CTR across all channels and a 34% clicks-to-donation conversion rate highlighted the effectiveness of AdMedia's strategies in mobilizing financial support for Nikki Haley's presidential race.
  • The platform delivered a remarkable 34% conversion rate from clicks to actual donations, demonstrating its efficacy in turning online interest into tangible financial support.
  • AdMedia's strategy enabled the Nikki Haley campaign to generate donations of $15 or more, ensuring meaningful contributions to the overall fundraising goal.
  • AdMedia's DMP, housing over 280 million US user profiles, provided a unique advantage in precisely targeting Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters. This granular targeting capability ensured that the campaign's message reached the right audience segments with tailored and impactful content.


The Nikki Haley for President Fundraising Campaign, powered by AdMedia's innovative political ad platform, not only achieved remarkable engagement metrics but also translated a significant percentage of clicks into essential campaign donations. This case study underscores the power of an omni-channel approach, coupled with advanced targeting capabilities, in delivering tangible and impactful results in political fundraising.

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