LEGO's goal was to drive more visitors to its online store. It wanted to be seen as the best company for children's presents during the holiday season. AdMedia helped the company do this using a combination of search and display ads deployed across several properties.

Campaign Objectives

  • To position LEGO as the go-to company for children's gifts
  • To get in front of users who are searching for toys
  • To increase holiday traffic and sales

Key Highlights

  • ThankYouOffers were displayed on kid-centric ecommerce websites, to remind shoppers that LEGO toys make great presents during the holidays
  • Display ads were deployed on relevant publisher websites as well as on AdMedia's owned and operated properties
  • Paid search ads were also deployed to target people looking for kids toys


Cost-per-click: $1.04
Impressions: 2,540,000
Clicks: 2,050
Lift in awareness: 13%
Conversion rate: 0.72%
Savings from other ad networks: 40%

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