Rakuten Travel

Rakuten Travel


Rakuten Travel is the travel and vacation wing of the very popular Japanese portal site. The site caters not only to Japanese travelers going abroad, but also to foreign travelers coming to Japan. The booking site comes in native Japanese, but the English, Korean and Chinese versions get plenty of traffic.

Campaign Objectives

  • Have an online presence on the most popular English language search engines.
  • Direct traffic to special pages where users can book vacation packages to Japanese tourist spots.
  • Create general search ads that can be translated easily in other regional languages and dialects.
  • Guide users to content pages that highlighted cities and regions of Japan.

Key Highlights

  • A cohesive search ad campaign was built that can be translated to several global search engines.
  • Solid, relevant audiences were directed to their desired destination through precise keyword bidding.
  • Special rates and timely discounts increased user traffic which brought in more revenue.


Unique Visitors: 78% increase
Total Visits: 75% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor: 45% decrease
Cost per Visit: 40% decrease
International Visitors: 81% increase

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