A top-tier retailer with a strong web presence and thousands of locations nationwide, Nordstrom wanted to target shoppers who previously visited its website. To achieve this, AdMedia ran a remarketing campaign that displayed products that shoppers viewed.

Campaign Objectives

  • Bring back lost traffic
  • Get people to complete their purchases on
  • Boost sales

Key Highlights

  • AdMedia ran remarketing ads that contained the specific items that users looked at in order to peak their interest
  • The campaign was hyper-targeted and zeroed-in on shoppers who previously visited
  • Ads were remarketed across 98% of the web and were shown to users as they were checking their email, reading news sites, or visiting blogs


Cost-per-click: $2.00
Impressions: 300,000
Clicks: 2000
Lift in awareness: 45%

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