With over 25,000,000 royalty free stock photos in their grasp, Fotolia wanted to emphasize those options to new users by giving them an opportunity to come back should they leave the website. They went with a remarketing campaign in order to lure customers back to their website and increase conversions.

Campaign Objectives

  • Revert users to the page they were interested in.
  • Place ads strategically on well-known sites, showing users what they left at Fotolia.
  • Convert visitors into customers through remarketing.

Key Highlights

  • Ads appeared on trusted websites, improving the potential customers' trust in the brand.
  • Conversion rates sky-rocketed through the roof.


Impressions: 11,000,000
Clicks: 33,450
Lift in awareness: 57%
Conversion rate: 4.2%
Savings from other ad networks: 52%

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