Vision Direct Contacts

Vision Direct Contacts


Vision Direct Contacts wanted to establish itself as convenient provider of affordable contact lenses. To get the word out, AdMedia helped it launch a cross-channel advertising campaign geared towards individuals looking to buy contact lenses at lower prices.

Campaign Objectives

  • To increase traffic on the Vision Direct website
  • Make people aware that they can get contacts for less thanks to Vision Direct
  • To boost brand awareness among people who need contact lenses

Key Highlights

  • Display, video, and intextual ads were served up on websites in the health and wellness niche
  • Search ads targeting consumers looking for discounts on contact lenses were also deployed
  • Vision Direct coupons were promoted on publisher websites as well as on AdMedia's owned and operated properties


Cost-per-click: $1.88
Impressions: 100,000,000
Clicks: 11,879
Lift in awareness: 27%
Savings from other ad networks: 40%

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