Just like its name suggests, WiserAdvisor.com is a service that matches the best financial advisors with their ideal clients. To help them attract both new advisors and new clients, AdMedia came up with a cross-channel campaign that targeted both kinds of financial interests.

Campaign Objectives

  • Recruit new financial advisors to host through their website
  • Attract new clients looking for solid financial advice
  • Display ads on relevant websites and increase brand awareness

Key Highlights

  • Paid search ads were distributed across multiple digital platforms and targeted keyword searches for financial advice and financial market job opportunities
  • Display and video ads targeted experienced professionals and potential clients on financial market blogs and market advice websites
  • Brand awareness and paid search ad conversions steadily increased


Unique Visitors: 57% increase
Total Visits: 100% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor: 43% decrease
Cost per Visit: 86% decrease
Maintained Audience Engagement: 3.3+ PVs/visit
Click-Through Rate: 1.15%

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