IMVU is a great way to live out a life online with chat, games and through the use of an avatar, but reaching more people was a bit of a problem. They wanted a cross-channel marketing campaign that utilized mobile ads and remarketing tools to increase their revenue and client base.

Campaign Objectives

  • Display ads across mobile sites to reach users on the go.
  • Properly utilize a remarketing campaign to bring back visitors that leave the site.
  • Increase popularity, brand recognition and user database.

Key Highlights

  • Saw a fast turnaround on increase of conversion rates.
  • Activity from mobile devices increased due to mobile ads.
  • Multiple channel marketing success to earn more revenue and an increase in users.


Views: 70% increase
New users: 30% increase
Lift in awareness: 54%
Conversion rate: 3.6%
Savings from other ad networks: 42%

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