The AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford

The AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford


The Hartford provides auto insurance for millions and is looking to increase its appeal to older drivers through the AARP Auto Insurance Program. With sponsored stories and behavioral targeting across multiple channels, the auto insurance program was able to achieve better brand recognition.

Campaign Objectives

  • Improve brand recognition among older audiences and AARP members
  • Reach out through multiple channels across the Web

Key Highlights

  • Increased conversion rates among senior citizens and AARP members
  • Targeted keyword searches for auto insurance policies, senior discounts, and AARP membership benefits
  • Sponsored listings targeted an older audience through search engines and popular news websites


Unique Visitors: 77% increase
Total Visits: 100% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor: 34% decrease
Cost per Visit: 52% decrease
Maintained Audience Engagement: 4.4+ PVs/visit
Click-Through Rate: 1.9%

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