Drugstore.com wanted to put the spotlight on its non-medical products. Its goal was to position itself as a versatile online store that also sells household and beauty products. To do this, AdMedia launched a display advertising campaign enticing shoppers to check out the site's merchandise. Ads also came with coupons to make them more attractive.

Campaign Objectives

  • Boost traffic and sales for Drugstore.com
  • Promote various offers that allowed people to save
  • Get people excited about other products from the site

Key Highlights

  • Display ads were launched on various mommy blogs
  • Offers that were promoted include free shipping, instant discounts, and 5% back
  • Results drove the brand to re-activate their campaigns on our network


Cost-per-click: $0.79
Impressions: 4,000,000
Clicks: 15,000
Lift in awareness: 40%
Savings from other ad networks: 60%

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