Chilis is one of the most recognized restaurant brands in the world today. Owned and operated by Brinker Intl (Chilis, Magianos, among others) with over 1600 locations around the world. The restaurant giant is near the top of its industry but despite that, they’re still looking to grow their customer base and reignite their existing base with exciting offers.

Campaign Objectives

  • Promote Their “2 For $20” Deal, a meal for two where the consumers share an appetizer, each have an entree and share a dessert for $20 total.
  • Direct consumer traffic to physical locations via our product offerings.
  • We also drove potential customers to the Chilis website, where we were able to track customers interactions with content on the site. Now enabling us to re-target those customers with display ads referencing the 2 For $20 deal in addition to the same food items they looked at on the website.

Key Highlights

  • Sales across the U.S. increased due to a strong paid search campaign.
  • Unique Visitors To The Chilis Website increased vastly, including time on site.
  • Through our efforts Chilis was able to a/b test what the consumer actually was “hungry for” on their menu


Unique Visitors: 21% Increase
Time On Site: 26% Increase
US Sales: 8% Increase

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