See's Candies, Inc.

See's Candies, Inc.


See's Candies, Inc. wanted to satisfy more sweet cravings during the holiday season. AdMedia helped the company accomplish this by running targeted display ads and paid search campaigns in order to increase brand awareness and boost traffic.

Campaign Objectives

  • To position See's Candies, Inc. as the go-to company for sweets
  • To get in front of users searching for chocolates and candies
  • To increase holiday traffic and sales

Key Highlights

  • Thank You Offers were displayed on gift-centric ecommerce websites, to remind shoppers that sweets are a worthy gift during the holidays
  • See's Candies, Inc. saw an increase in search traffic within 48 hours of launching the campaign
  • Display ads successfully boosted awareness and brand recognition for the company


Cost-per-click: $0.84
Impressions: 1,875,000
Clicks: 1,900
Lift in awareness: 50%
Conversion rate: 0.92%
Savings from other ad networks: 51%

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