Pearson is a leading educational services company that publishes and distributes reading material for grade school children. Its goal is to raise the literacy level of children and adults by providing sufficient educational literature. Teaching manuals, assessment tests and digital learning materials are also provided by Pearson.

Campaign Objectives

  • To produce cross-channel advertisements that can reach all devices from desktop to mobile.
  • To increase traffic from education professionals and regional school districts.
  • Advertise traditional hardcover books as well as their new digital line designed for tablets.
  • Reach out to state and local governments in need of standardized testing materials.

Key Highlights

  • Maintained a high ranking in search engines due to well-managed bidding on keywords.
  • Opened the brand awareness by creating ads specifically targeted to state and local officials.
  • Created separate campaigns that promoted both the traditional and digital version of books.
  • Redirected mobile traffic to mobile-friendly landing pages optimized for the user.


Unique Visitors: 54% increase
Total Visits: 52% increase
New PPC costs: 61% decrease
Cost per Visit: 59% decrease
Keyword-specific traffic: 76% increase
New traffic sources: 80% increase

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